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Cold plates dimensions: 4x10 (cold surface)

This photo shows two cold plates side by side.  The plate is made of very thick aluminum, very strong but also light weight and rust proof.  The patent pending plates are perfected for maximum efficiency. Zone control is another achievement!

Past photos of the system at work

The Cold Plate System

The new standard in pet facilities.

Houston Bark Park and Daycare was established by animal lovers and advocates.  The design of our buildings, outdoor play areas, and cold plates were  all meticulously designed and fabricated by the owners personally.  In Houston, TX one of our biggest concerns is combating the heat and humidity. We strongly felt that conventional methods of keeping our packs cool weren’t good enough for us.  We wanted to create something that would be able to cool multiple dogs quickly that would also be enjoyable.  All dogs love cooling themselves on cold tile and with that understanding we designed the cold plate!  Over the past three years we have perfected this patent pending system.  Durability, cleanliness, reliability and effectiveness were the goals.   Now that we’ve accomplished all of these, we would like to offer this to other facilities!

dog cold plate
Dog Cold Plate
Dog Cold Plate

How it works

The Chiller

This is the power house system capable of chilling one 4'x10' plate down to a comfortable 65 degrees. The durable, stainless steal frame is made any condition. 

Dog Cold Plate

The Cold plate


The chiller runs on 240v, 60 hz-1ph. Certified electrician required to run power. Each cold plate is connected to the chiller system by 2 hoses supplied in our installation kit.

Manufactured in Houston Texas. 


One plate 4'x10' chill system:  $10,500

We also have financing available up to 60 months!

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dog cold plate Refrigerated cold surface