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Attendance requirements for all services

  • Able to pass temperament test and trial day
    (Temperament tests incur a one time additional fee of $20.00)

  • Age minimum of 16 weeks

  • All pups six months or over must be spayed or neutered

  • Up to date on rabies, distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations

  • Current on Flea and Tick preventions

  • Must attend daycare once per 3 months (four times a year)to remain active  

  • Must have their HBP uniform tag on when attending daycare 

  • Reservations are required for all services

  • Reservations for any services not cancelled within 24 hours incur a $25 fee

Temperament test and behavioral standing


A temperament test (evaluation) is an all - day event for your dog. During this time we slowly introduce your dog to our pack one by one. Throughout this introduction, we will assess whether your dog would  be a good candidate to join the HBP pack.  Our trained staff members asses body language and comfort level in off leash play.  All pups attending HBP must stay in good behavioral standing once they have completed their evaluation. Temperament tests are required of all dogs that attend HBP for daycare, lodging, and park membership. Temperament tests are conducted on weekday mornings by appointment only. 

Temperament Tests incur an additional one-time fee of  $20.00  in addition to a full day of daycare.


Why we require reservations:

Reservations allow us to be fully prepared to staff employees accordingly and with the proper employee to dog ratios.  It is important for us to always be prepared with the appropriate amount of staff. 


Dropping off without a reservation will incur a fee.

What we require reservations for:

We require reservations for all daycare services including daycare, boarding, and bathing services. 


Making Reservations:
Making a reservation for your pup is easy!  You can send a request through their portal, or contact the front desk.  We do occasionally fill up for daycare and boarding, so it is important to make your reservation as soon as you can.

Recurring reservations:
Because we are comprised of mostly regulars, we do offer standing days for dogs that come regularly on the same days of the week.  For instance, popular  recurring reservations are for Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly.  Recurring reservations guarantee your pup has a spot in daycare.  If you would like to set these reservations for your pup, please email the front desk with the relevant information or create them in your pup’s Gingr portal.

Academy Reservations

In order to ensure the 12 dog max in group, academy reservations can only be made over the phone.  Please call our Shepherd location (281-888-1428) to schedule. 

Overnight Boarding


Full days of daycare required:

All pups staying overnight with us attend daycare during the day.  The full day of play allows your pups to have fun, expending energy and allowing them to wind down easier before bedtime.  In order to have the full day of play before overnight stays, pups must be dropped off by 10:00 am for weekday (7:00a - 10:00a) and weekend (8:00a - 10:00a) stays. 

Packing Food:

In order to comply with any of your pup's dietary restrictions, we encourage owners to bring their own food from home.  It is required for food to be separated and labeled upon drop off for lodging.  This allows us to save space and be as organized as possible when preparing your pup's meals.  If food is not bagged, a bagging fee will be charged. 

In case of emergencies, Houston Bark Park will provide house food for $2.00 fee per cup.  Our house food is a grain inclusive sensitive stomach (salmon and rice) formula. 

Packing Medications:

We ask that you please pack medications separately from your pup's meals.  We catalog all medications, create medication cards, and organize oral medications in pill boxes.  We offer pill pockets, peanut butter, and wet food to help administer medications.  


We encourage parents to bring small blankets, towels, or clothing that smell like home for their pup.  These blankets go on top of provided cots. For sanitary and storage reasons, we do not permit dog beds.  

Holiday Boarding

Holiday nights incur an additional $10.00 fee ($35.00 a night) 

Holiday Hours

Our offices are closed during the following holidays. Don't worry, we're still here for your pups!

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Day

  • New Years Eve

  • New Years Day

  • Easter

overnight boading

Private Park Membership


In addition to meeting the aforementioned attendance requirements, all park members must attend daycare once a week to be allowed admittance to our private park.  Weekly attendance ensures staff is very familiar with your pup's behavior and presents ample opportunity to confirm all dogs in the park are up to date on vaccinations. It is encouraged for all new Bark Park members to attend daycare weekly for one month (4 sessions) before applying for park memberships.  

HBP's private park is automatically billed biannually (every six months).  For all package holders, the rate is $10.00 per month.  For non package holders, it is $20.00 a month. 

Park Access:

The private park is accessible by key fobs.  All key fobs are specifically assigned to park members.  EAch family will receive one free key fob.  A second fob can be purchased for $20.00.  They will be pre-programmed to allow entry to the park during operational hours. 

Park Hours:

Monday - Friday: 5:00p - sundown

Saturday: 9:45a -sundown

Sunday: sunup - sundown

Although there is no definitive time for the park to close, we ask members leave at a respectable time.  No midnight raves in the park.


If your pup meets all of our requirements and you would like to sign up, please email

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