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Daycare- Give us a call if you have any questions.

Cage Free Daycare with access to Bark Park.

Welcome to daycare at Houston Bark Park and Daycare!

Daycare offers a safe and fun environment for your pup to socialize and play.  At Houston Bark Park, we strive to promote successful and appropriate play among our members. 


At both our Maxie and Shepherd locations, we have three different groups your pup can join.  Each of these groups are determined by size and temperament.  We have two larger dog groups, a small dog group, and our enrichment group!  We are very proud to say we know each dog individually and consider they play styles and personalities when we place them in a group! 


Our daycare programs require an evaluation and temperament test day.
Check out our requirements and evaluation information!

Temperament Test and Trial Day:


A temperament test (evaluation) is an all - day event for your dog.  During this time we slowly introduce your dog to our pack one by one.  Throughout this introduction, we will assess whether your dog would  be a good candidate to join the HBP pack.  Our trained staff members asses body language and comfort level in off leash play.  All pups attending HBP must stay in good behavioral standing once they have completed their evaluation.  Temperament tests are required of all dogs that attend HBP for daycare, lodging, and park membership.  Temperament tests are conducted on weekday mornings by appointment only. 


Make sure your pup meets all of our requirements first.