Frequently Asked Questions

What is a temperament test?

A temperament test is an all-day event for your dog. During this time, we will assess whether your dog would be a good candidate to join the HBP pack. A temperament test is required of all dogs that attend HBP for daycare, lodging, and park membership.

What does my dog do during his or her temperament test?

All evaluating dogs are introduced to our pack slowly. While they are introduced to the pack, the trained HBP staff will be assessing your dog’s body language and comfort level in off leash play.

What do I do during my dog’s temperament test?

On the day of your temperament test you will arrive at your appointment time and sign some paperwork. At this time, we will also review your dog’s shot records. In order to save time, you can have your vet email or fax your dog’s shot records before your evaluation day. Although your dog will stay all day, this will only take a few minutes of your time.

Do I make an appointment for a temperament test?

Once you have submitted your dog’s online application, you can call the front desk to schedule an evaluation with us. We conduct our evaluations Monday – Friday mornings by appointment only. Although your pup will spend the day with us, we will only take up about five minutes of your time on the day of your dog’s evaluation. We generally book out a week in advanced for our temperament test.

My dog has been to other daycares; does he still need to pass a temperament test?

All dogs accepted into HBP will need to pass the same temperament test and trial day.

How do I become a member of the private dog park?

The first step to becoming a member of our private dog park is to pass a temperament test with us! Park membership is offered to active daycare or boarding participants. Pup must attend daycare at least once a week.

Why is there a naptime?

We conduct a naptime for all dogs from 11:30 to 1:30. Naptime gives the dogs time to rest after a full morning of play. We turn off all of the lights and a daycare attendant supervises the sleeping pups. During this time all dogs receiving lunches are given enough time to digest their food before more afternoon playing!

Will my dog be tired after a day of daycare?

Expect one tired pup at the end of the day! The excitement and play is like a fun all day workout. Even if your dog isn’t very active, there is lots to see and smell! Their days are filled with plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

Why is my dog thirsty after a day of daycare?

There is always water present for the HBP pack. We have automated filling water bowls and regular water bowls available everywhere. Sometimes the dogs forget to drink because of the all-day excitement. After a full day of play and exercise, it is normal for your fur baby to go home and drink lots of water.

Loose stool after daycare or lodging?

It is not uncommon for your pup to have some loose stool after a full day of play or stay with HBP. The excitement and stimulation of daycare can sometimes cause an upset tummy.

Are the dogs supervised?

Absolutely! All of the dogs entrusted in our stay are supervised by a well-trained, CPR certified staff!

How do you determine which dogs go into which group?

At HBP we separate our dogs based on size and temperament. Our larger dogs generally participate in more rambunctious play and are placed in our higher energy group. Our smaller and calmer dogs are in our second group! We always do our best to ensure each dog is comfortable and try to customize their stay as best as possible. Because we can mix and match our groups, it is imperative that all dogs we accept are able to get along with dogs of all ages and sizes.

Do you have a lodge and learn program?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a training program at Houston Bark Park and Daycare.

Do you have packages?

We offer 10, 20, and 30 full day packages. Call the front desk for pricing. Refunds issued will be less the original discount. We do not apply half days to any full day packages.

Do the packages expire?

Packages never expire. However, if your dog has not attended daycare in over three months, they will need to be re-integrated into the pack and have a daycare reservation with us. You will not be able to drop off without a reservation.

My dog has not visited HBP in months, does he or she need to go through another temperament test?

After three months, your dog will need to be re-integrated back into the pack. You will not need to pay a second evaluation fee, but will need to schedule your dog’s return with the front desk.

Do you provide food?

In order to prevent an upset stomach, we encourage parents to send their pup’s regular food during their stay with us. We offer house food in case of emergencies and can feed your dog for $2.00 a day. We do not give any of the dogs any food or treats unless instructed.

Where does my dog sleep at night?

All lodging dogs stay in their own personal suites. After a full day of daycare your pup will get to curl up and sleep in their own space.

What do I bring for my dog’s stay?

We ask that you pack your dog’s food. If possible, portion the food out by meal. You are also welcome to bring a small bed or blanket along with anything that would make them feel comfortable! Some clients leave shirts with their smell on them. You can also bring a blanket or small bed to make your pup feel comfortable staying with us.

Do you offer grooming services?

Yes, we offer full grooming at our W 27th location (register on our grooming page). Maxie location offers baths, nail trims, anal gland expressions, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning and de-shed treatments.

Can I watch my dog play?

We encourage you to watch your pup play! We have several indoor and outdoor cameras that are accessible on our website!

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