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Houston's #1 Dog Daycare and Boarding

About HBP

Houston Bark Park and Daycare offers doggy daycare, lodging, bathing, and exclusive membership to our private dog park in three fabulous locations. Houston Bark Park is a family owned and operated establishment that was truly designed for dogs.  We offer indoor and expansive outdoor play yards that feature some pretty amazing amenities including patent pending cold plates, misting fans, pools, bubble cannons, splash pads, and live cameras!  We ensure that all members have passed our temperament tests and are in good behavioral standing. All of our furry friends are closely supervised by a caring and educated staff that is also trained in Pet CPR and First Aid.

Meet the Pack

Will daycare

Will, Owner: Will is a designer, innovator, creator, and most importantly a doodle dad.  

Will designed both Bark Park locations and is the proud inventor of our cold plates, bubble cannon, splash pad, and advanced cubby system.  Will brings mechanical knowledge and endless creativity to our operation and always ensures that our buildings are built for the enjoyment and safety of the dogs!  Bea and Will have also owned a refrigeration company for the past 16 years.  Will is a very involved business owner, so if you see him on the roof or tinkering with a machine, be sure to say Hi!

beatriz rodriguez dog daycare

Bea, Owner:

Without Bea’s business savvy and administrative experience, HBP would just be a dream.  Bea is the accounting and administrative backbone of this company.   When Bea isn’t working she’s enjoying a good nap or playing with her rottweiler, Drogo. Bea and Will have also owned a refrigeration company for the past 16 years.  As an experienced business owner, Bea understands the demands and passion necessary for owning your own business.  

Mari, Owner

Mari, Owner:

Mari has been an active participant in the animal industry for the past 10 years.  Over the past decade, Mari gained experience in dog training, animal husbandry, doggy daycare, and Pet CPR & First Aid.  Her passion centers around making Houston Bark Park the best it can be.  Mari is a working owner and sees all of the daycare pups as her own! 

Patricia dog daycare

Paty, General Manager: Patricia may have officially joined the back 2017, but has always been a key figure behind the scenes.  Patricia is related to two of the owners and has always been an HBP supporter and volunteer.  As our GM Patricia oversees both locations daily and brings over 12 years of management experience to the team. Patricia is also heavily involved in our marketing and promoting.  She is just as comfortable helping in daycare as she is attending events, so she’s a perfect fit!  Patricia is a great pack leader and we couldn’t be more grateful that she’s part of the team!

Casey Dog daycare

Casey, Daycare and Boarding Manager:  Casey has been part of the HBP pack since we opened in 2015!  She started as a pet pal and worked her way up to management.  Along the way she became a certified professional dog trainer (ABC-DT) and has been trained in Pet CPR and First Aid.  Casey’s passion for dogs is obvious and her good mood is infectious.  We can’t imagine the pack without her and we don’t plan it either!  


Danielle, Daycare and Boarding Manager:

Danielle is one of our original HBP employees starting in 2015!  She started as a pet pal and  quickly moved on up through the ranks.  Danielle is trained in Pet CPR and First Aid and her dog knowledge is second to none.  Whether Danielle is handling accounting or working outdoors with the dogs, she can do it all and effortlessly.  When she isn't working she can always be found going on adventures with her dog, Snoopy! 

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