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Training & Enrichment

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About the Program

This daycare platform was developed for dogs that thrive in smaller social settings and enjoy doing activities.  Rather than expecting these pups to self-regulate, this platform focuses on engagement and reinforcing good behavior.  Daycare attendants fill the roles of teachers and guide dogs in different activities such as scent games, impulse control games, and an emphasis on rewarding good behaviors.


Example of an Academy Day

6:30 am - 7:00 am: Early Drop off 
Academy pups can either join free play groups (if approved) or wait in their enclosures before the day begins!

7:30 am - 9:00 am: Morning Recess 
Academy kids are encouraged to socialize and group activities are conducted.  Evaluations are also conducted at this time

9:00 am - 11:00 am : Individual Time
Each pup is given one on one time to work on personal goals and partake in different enrichment activities. 

11:00 am - 1:30 pm : Nap Time 
All academy pups are given puzzles (varying daily) to work on while they are in for nap time. 

1:30pm - 2:30 pm : Recess & Field Trip 
Check out the academy pups take a field trip to the small dog side to access the bubble and foam cannon!  

2:30 pm - 5:00 pm : Individual Time 
Each pup is given one on one time to work on personal goals and partake in different enrichment activities. 

5:00 pm - 5:15 pm: Wind Down Time
Group  exercises are done at the end of the day. 
5:15 pm - 7:00 pm : Extended care 
Pups staying past 5:15 pm can either join free play groups (if they have been approved) or can rest in their enclosure and work on a puzzle until picked up. 

Academy Cameras

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$50 per day

Academy packages

10 Day - $475

20 Day - $900 Comes with 1 free nail trim

30 Day - $1275 Comes with 1 free bath, 1 free nail trim

Packages are refundable with a processing fee. 

Half days cannot be applied to packages.

Packages can be used for a single dog or multi-family on the same account. 


Program Availability

710 w 2th St


4905 Maxie St


3663 S Dairy Ashford


Days Available

Available Monday - Friday

Available Monday - Thursday

Available Wednesday - Thursday


Evaluation and Trial day

Able to pass temperament test and trial day.  Academy evaluation days do no incur the one time additional fee of $20.00 like in free play daycare. 


Age Requirements

  • Age minimum of 4 months

  • Although we do not have 

Spay and Neuter

All pups six months or over must be spayed or neutered


Up to date on rabies, distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations



Current on Flea and Tick preventions.  If fleas or ticks are found on a dog, they will be bathed at the owner's expense. 


Must attend daycare once per 3 months (four times a year)to remain active  

Uniform - Heights locations only

  • Must have their HBP uniform tag on their when attending daycare. 

  • Parents must also scan their pups in and out with a separate set of tags.  We recommend keeping a set of tags on a key ring or taking a photo of the tags and using the photo to scan.


  • Reservations are required for all services

  • Academy reservations not cancelled by 10:00am the day of incur a $35 fee

Sharing Means Caring

Toys are available for the group to play with during recess.  Dogs must be able to share treats and toys 


Meet the Team




Operations Director

Casey has been with HBP since 2015 and worked her way up to operations director! Casey is also a certified professional dog trainer and is trained in pet CPR and first AID.  Casey is an integral part of HBP and we couldn't do it without her!

IMG_1146 2.heic


ABC- CPDT in progress
Academy Coordinator

Morgan is our academy coordinator and has been with the Bark Park pack for three years! Morgan has also continued her education and is currently in school to become a certified professional dog trainer! She has also been trained in pet CPR and First AID. Morgan makes the magic happen and we are very lucky to have her!



Academy Teacher

Salma has been with the pack for two years! Salma encapsulates everything an academy teacher should be.  She is patient, kind, and incredibly dog savvy. Salma helps make our academy program so successful! It wouldn't be the same without her!



Academy Teacher

Kristol has been with the HBP pack for two years! Kristol has an infectiously positive personality that wins over even the most timid of pups.  Kristol excels as a teacher an is an incredible asset to the academy program! If you're lucky, you will catch her dancing with the dogs on camera :)


Aaron (right)

Academy Teacher

Location Manager

Aaron has been with the Bark Park pack for two and a half years! He manages the Energy Corridor location and also teaches the academy program.  Aaron is a phenomenal teacher and has a knack for teaching even the most stubborn pups the best tricks! 

Meet the team
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Teachers use positive reinforcement to ensure a fun learning experience.

We reinforce and strengthen commands, such as sit, down, stay, come.


More advanced students will have added distraction, distance, and duration to work on!

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enrichment &

We focus on dog's physical & mental well-being in a smaller group setting.


Enrichment activities include body awareness exercises, scent work, and puzzle activities


Some fun tricks we teach include: jumping through hoops, weaving through poles, etc.

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one on one attention

Academy classes are 12 dogs max to ensure each dog gets personal attention and care.

Sessions include actives including trick training and arts & crafts!

Teachers send home daily report cards!

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