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Dogs Playing With Bubbles

It was obvious to us that our dogs loved playing with bubbles while at Houston Bark Park and Daycare. After some time, we wondered how we could make the bubble experience even more enjoyable for them. Regular store-bought bubble machines wouldn't cut it, so our team designed and created a bubble cannon!! We made sure that the bubble solution that we used was non-toxic and dog-safe.

The pup's attending Houston Bark Park and Daycare love playing and running through our bubbles and get extremely excited whenever they hear the bubble cannon starting up. We can always guarantee that anyone driving passing by either of our three locations on Shepherd, Durham, or Dairy Ashford will always be entertained when they see how much fun dogs are having in the bubbles.

Houston Bark and Daycare has hosted several events and people’s number one reason to come by and bring their dog is for them to play in our bubbles! Many clients, at all three of our locations, whose dogs attend our daycare have left raving Google and Yelp reviews letting us know how much their dogs enjoy playing in our bubbles created by our bubble cannon. Being that we offer 24/7 camera access to our clients, as well as to the public, clients have mentioned how much joy it brings them to watch their pup play through our bubbles while they are at work or at home. People love our bubbles so much that we’ve had several people that have passed by our facilities to make TikTok videos and they are constantly in awe of how cool our bubbles look. Our videos of our daycare dogs playing with bubbles have been seen by over a million people across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook!

Why We Love Having Bubble Cannons At Houston Bark Park and Daycare

Dogs playing with bubbles are a great dog enrichment activity!

At Houston Bark Park and Daycare we offer enrichment daycare, the Academy, which is a specialized daycare program specifically designed to keep dogs physically and mentally stimulated as they learn new skills. However, our dog enrichment program is an upgrade from our regular daycare package and not every dog that attends our doggy daycare attends Academy. One of the ways that we provide dog enrichment activities to all of the dogs attending our doggy daycare is by turning on our bubble cannons throughout the day. Dogs playing with bubbles stimulates them both physically and mentally and can be implemented at any age. Additionally, this enrichment activity works in assisting them with their balance and coordination.

Dogs playing with bubbles is a great way to keep them entertained and engaged. As soon the dogs hear the sound of our staff turning on our bubble cannon and see the first few bubbles emerging from the cannon, they instantly become excited and are ready to chase each one that comes their way. As more and more bubbles begin to pile and scatter throughout the yard our staff and passerby's watch as dogs jump and run through piles of bubbles and chase the ones that are being wisped away across the yard. This type of dog enrichment activity helps to improve their coordination and agility, as they jump and maneuver to chase the bubbles.

Dog Safety While Playing In Bubbles

At our doggy daycare facility we take safety seriously, especially when our dogs are playing in the bubbles. To prevent injuries from our dogs playing with bubbles we separates dogs by size, with one yard for small dogs and the other yard for our bigger dogs. With each yard having their own bubble cannon, this ensures that small dogs are not accidentally hurt while playing with the bigger dogs. By separating the dogs by size and providing each yard with their own bubble cannon, Houston Bark Park and Daycare takes responsible steps to ensure that all dogs can safely enjoy playing with bubbles without the risk of injury.

How To Get Started At Home With Your Dog Playing With Bubbles?

Dogs playing with bubbles is an inexpensive and easy way to provide an enrichment activity. Even if you don't have access to a giant bubble cannon, like at Houston Bark Park and Daycare, you can still provide a fun and exciting activity of blowing bubbles for you dog while at home. To get started, you'll need a bottle of bubble solution and a bubble wand or bubble blowing machine. Be sure to choose a non-toxic bubble solution that is safe for pets and won't cause irritation or discomfort. Begin by blowing a few bubbles to see how your dog reacts. Your dog may be hesitant at first, but continue being consistent with blowing bubbles for your pup. Their curiosity will begin to increase and in no time he/she will have so much fun running and chasing bubbles.

If you're looking to send your pup to one of our Houston-area doggy daycare locations, visit our website or call either of our Heights or Energy Corridor locations to speak with a staff member!

Houston Bark Park and Daycare: Maxie St. Location

Address: 4905 Maxie Street, Houston, TX 77007

Phone: 713. 864. 2771

Houston Bark Park and Daycare: Shepherd St. Location

Address: 710 W 27th Street Houston, TX 77008

Phone: 281. 888. 1428

Houston Bark Park and Daycare: Energy Corridor Location

Address: 3663 S Dairy Ashford Road Houston, TX 77082

Phone: 832. 328. 5844

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