Two Daycare Programs 

Free Play Daycare

  • Bigger Packs

  • Larger Play Areas

  • Unlimited Amenities

  • All Day Play

$40 per day


Enrichment Academy

  • Smaller Packs

  • Mental Enrichment

  • Structured Activities

  • More One-on-One 

$50 per day

Additional Services


  • Daycare for all Boarders

  • Comfortable suites to sleep in

  • Daily access to live cameras

  • No additional charges for food, medicine, etc.

Dog boarding daycare
dog park chill zone

Private Park

  • Great inner loop location

  • Access to amazing amenities

  • All Dogs are temperament tested

  • Bathing station included

  • Key fob access

dog Bathing services

Bathing Services

  • Baths include spa quality shampoos

  • De shed treatments

  • Nail trims, ears, and teeth cleaning offered

  • Bath prices start at $25.00 and are based on size of dog and coat condition

Free Play Daycare

dog park daycare

Both our Maxie and Shepherd locations offer our free play off leash program.  This program has three different daily groups for your pup to participate and lots of room to explore.  These three groups are separated by size, temperament, energy levels, and play styles.  This platform allows dogs to roam, play, and rest as they see fit in a larger pack of dogs than our academy program.  Dogs that are able to self-regulate their activities are best suited and get the most out of this program.  Daily health checks are done twice a day by pet professionals extensively trained in body language.  These pups also have unlimited access to our many amenities including cold plates, misters, pools, and bubble cannons!  Check out more about our amenities here!  You can watch our pups playing in free play daycare here! Dogs interested in this program must meet our requirements.


Academy Daycare Program

This daycare platform was developed for dogs that thrive in smaller social settings and enjoy doing activities.  Rather than expecting these pups to self-regulate, this platform focuses on engagement.  Daycare attendants fill the roles of teachers and guide dogs in different activities such as scent games, impulse control games, and an emphasis on rewarding good behaviors. This group will be exercising their brains just as much as their bodies!  These pups do get to receive treats throughout the day and should feel comfortable eating small treats around other dogs.  They also have access to our amenities, but enjoy them in a less (rowdy) area.  Like with our traditional free play program, all pups will be health checked twice a day by a senior staff member and can be watched on our live cameras! Please note that this program is only offered at our Shepherd location.


Boarding with Daycare Services
(both free play daycare and academy program)


All members lodging with Houston Bark Park will need to pass a temperament test and attend daycare during the day.  Each night, your pup will rest in a spacious suite.  Sleeping in a suite permits your pup to have time away from the pack and curl up on a cozy cot and blanket for the night.  Members are more than welcome to bring a small blanket for their rooms. 

Lodging Tips and Tricks

You can make reservations on your customer portal
All boarding dogs must pass our temperament test and meet all requirements. 

Daycare is required for all of our boarding members
Although daycare days are taken out of packages, overnight fees are not.

In order to comply with any of your pup’s dietary restrictions, we require members to bring their own food from home.

 It is required  for the food to be separated and labeled upon drop off for lodging.  This allows us to save space and be as organized as possible. If food is not bagged, then a bagging fee will be charged. 

 In case of emergencies, Houston Bark Park will provide house food for a $2.00 fee per cup. Our house food is grain inclusive sensitive stomach salmon and rice formula.  

HBP Hours

Private Park

dog daycare and boarding

In addition to daycare and lodging, Houston Bark Park will also be offering memberships to our exclusive dog park!  Accepted members will have access to our beautiful and spacious park located in the heights.  Our members’ only park will feature pools, water fountains, comfortable benches to sit on, and a dog washing station with complementary shampoo and towels to go home with a clean pup!  We will also offer fun play equipment and cameras on our website, so you can see if your pup’s friends are there! Our park will offer convenience and a fun, safe setting to play with and bond with your pup.

All members attending our park will need to successfully pass our temperament test and trial day.  This ensures that your pup will be surrounded with happy and well-mannered friends when playing. As a pet parent, you can rest assured knowing that your pup is playing with other approved members.   

Our park will operate like traditional parks and will require pet parents to watch their pups and pick up after them (using our complementary disposal bags).   This is an alternative to daycare, where pups can be dropped off for the day.  Although each pup attending the park will be approved for daycare, memberships will be renewed monthly and will only apply to park access.  Memberships do not apply to days of daycare, which will be charged separately.  


Monday – Friday daycare drop off
Daycare drop off is from

6:30 am – 10:00 am and resumes at 1:30 pm.
We do not accept daycare dogs from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm.

Monday – Friday daycare pick up hours
Daycare pick up hours are from 7:00 am – 11:15 am and resumes at 1:30pm
Dogs cannot be picked up during naptime (11:15 am to 1:30pm)


We have daily naptime Monday – Friday form 11:15 Am to 1:30 pm.  This time allows dogs to receive a break after a morning of play.  Many of our customers stay with us for full days and greatly benefit from a cool down period.  During this time, employees are also out to lunch with the exception of those working through the naptime period with the pups. 

Saturday and Sunday Hours

Our weekend hours are different from the weekday.  Saturday daycare is only offered (full day pricing only) at our W. 27th St. location. 

Although pet pals are there with the pups all day, the front desk is only available between two time windows on Saturdays and Sundays. 

The two weekend front desk hours are:
8:00 am – 10:00 am
4:00pm – 6:00 pm


As with our weekday boarding rules, boarding drop off is only accepted in the morning. All drop offs for Saturday daycare (at our W. 27th Shepherd location) and boarding must be completed in the 8:00am – 10:00 am time slot.

Full day of daycare: $35.00 
Half day of daycare: $20.50
(6 hours or less)
Ask about 2nd dog discount!
30 Day Package: $892.50 
Comes with one free full bath!
20 Day Package: $630.00
Comes with one free nail trim!
10 Day Package: $332.00


Packages allow pet parents to purchase days by bulk for a cheaper rate. They never expire and can be used anytime! 

Overnight boarding: $20.00 in additional to a required full day of daycare. Days of daycare can be taken out of existing packages, but the overnight fee cannot. 

Our Bath Prices begin at $20.00 and depend on the size of your pup and coat length.